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BulkSMS for iPhone Services

Do you find it way too time consuming to send bulk message from your iPhone? We understand that the process of sending group messages in iPhone is a bit tricky and comes with a number of limitations. You do not have the option to makes dedicated user-groups and manual selection of individual recipients takes a lot of unnecessary work and time.

Bulk SMS gateway has churned out a way to simplify the process of bulk SMS for iPhone. You can make use of our simple application and send millions of SMS in one go. With our bulk sms for iPhone software, you can easily sync contacts from an external source and send and receive messages on small as well as large-scale. You will also be able to view the entire delivery status of all the sent or received messages. Bulk Sms for iPhone service also has a scheduling SMS algorithm, which allows the users to schedule time and dates for sending the SMS.

If you are an e-commerce business or own a shop then make use of our bulk sms for iPhone service and get your customers know about the latest discounts and offers. You can also send promotional sms, transactional bulksms and many others.

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Advantages with Bulk SMS Gateway

Web to SMS service enables you to send SMS to individuals and groups using the Bulk SMS Root web based SMS messaging platform.

If you are Looking to send SMS alerts, SMS reminders, Bulk SMS or International SMS - here are some techniques and many different ways to help you use Bulk SMS messaging to benefit your business or organization.

Key Features
  • Send SMS text messages to individuals and groups from the internet
  • Send SMS Messages using schedule Date and Time
  • Send SMS in Different Languages
  • Personalise outgoing messages
  • Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files
  • View message delivery reports
  • View history of messages sent
  • Use Draft templates to send messages

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